European quality – KNX/EIB system

In most of the projects implemented by our company we use the solutions of the KNX / EIB control system. We can be proud of many years of experience in the KNX/EIB branch and the implementation in this sytem the largest building in Poland. We can design and implement smart control system in any building of any size, regardless of its function.


KNX/EIB (European Installation Bus) system was developed in 1990 by leading European manufacturers of electrical systems. KNX/EIB installation combines all the features of the building management. It is used to activate, control, signaling, regulation and supervision of electrical equipment installed in the building. It replaces the classical electrical installation and meets the growing demands of users.

Work on the KNX/EIB standard coordinates EIBA (European Installation Bus Association), bringing together more than 100 companies supplying system components. EIBA ensures also compliance with the agreed technical specifications of standards. This means that in one installation may operate components from different manufacturers.

Regardless of the development of the system and technology, the basic assumptions of the KNX/EIB will not change, but its elements are modified. Architects, designers and constructors of new buildings adapt them to modern standards and available technologies.