Electricians and installers

If you run a company that performs a classic electric installations, you do not have experience in the selection of equipment and realization of smart installation, and your customer places high demands and expects a complex technical solutions – do not discourage him from such ideas. We will help you design and make intelligent KNX/EIB installation.

In a large villa or stately residence, because of the huge amount of different types of circuits, electrical loads and saturation of the building with various devices and systems, only the intelligent installation will meet the expectations and fully satisfy investor.

At every work stage we guarantee professional technical support. Your scope of work practically will not change (installation of KNX/EIB bus wire and the supply wiring, installation of classic equipment, installation of control devices). We will provide, programme and run KNX/EIB devices.

Our years of experience in the smart installation branch ensure smooth conduct of the work and the trouble-free operation of the system.