Solutions for commercial and public buildings

We have many years of experience in the intelligent installations branch – we are able to design and realize an integrated control system in any building, regardless of its size and purpose.

inteligentny_budynekIn our realizations we rely mostly on KNX/EIB system, which is proven throughout Europe. We are in this field undisputed leader – we programmed and launched the largest KNX/EIB systems in Poland.

Contrary to popular belief, KNX/EIB system is ideal for use in large facilities, particularly where very high requirements for their comfort and functionality are placed. Additionally, it enables to realize functions that are impossible in other control systems or their implementation is very difficult.

We also deal with the integration of external systems such as example Honeywell, SAUTER, Johnson Controls and we deal with the design and execution of other systems that are used in modern buildings.