czujny_systemWakeful system

In all rooms where there is water consumption (boiler room, laundry room and bathrooms) flooding sensors will be installed. In case of leakage, water valve will be closed, and the system will notify you about this fact.

Carbon dioxide level in the garage will be monitored. After reaching a certain value, sensor activates the garage ventilation fans. Then switches it off immediately after returning to a safe value.

During a rain automatic garden irrigation system shut down for several hours. Watering will be interrupted also when the external sensors detects movement on the lawns around the house. Your kids playing in the garden will avoid a cold shower.

Coming out of the house just turn on the alarm system. The rest happens automatically: roller shutters are lowered, air conditioning and heating are turned off and ventilation systems begins to work with a minimum capacity. Lights are switched off and unnecessary electrical sockets are disconnected from the power supply. However, motion detectors and windows opening sensors, remain on full alert.