oszcz_ekologiaEconomy and ecology

Did you know that up to 70% of the energy consumed in the house falls on heating and hot water? Lowering the temperature by just 1°C you can save approx. 6% of heating costs. And saving energy is at the same time care for the environment.

Thanks to integration of multiple systems it is possible to program a control that perfectly optimize energy consumption. When you open the window, the heating valves are closed immediately. Heating in the kitchen is disabled when running an electric stove. During the summer shutter are lowered to relieve air conditioning system.

regulator_temperaturyEach room has its own individual demand for thermal energy – the so-called thermal profile. The children’s room should be warmer, and in the bedroom slightly cooler. In The bathroom should be constant temperature.

At the same time should take into account temperature changes depending on the time of day. In the bedroom during the day should be cooler, at night a little warmer, and in the living room or office – exactly the opposite. Your smart home can save energy via individual temperature control in each room. Your smart home can recognize whether someone is in the room, take the appropriate decision and execute it.

If in the house there are large heat consumers such as swimming pool, electricity will be supplied to them only in the night power tariff.

Between successive periods of heating water not cools, because the pool has a high thermal inertia.