Remote control

KNX / EIB system allows you to control all installations available in the building. You can do this locally using for example push button sensor, LCD touch panel or remote controller. The system works also automatically by a programmed timer and sensors: motion, sunlight, temperature, or through the implementation of the specified logical function.

iPhone - zdalne sterowanieYou have the ability to inspect and remote controling of the building also during the trip – by the mobile application installed on your phone or tablet. You can connect to your smart house from anywhere in the world and control all installations in which it is equipped without limit.

Your smart home can also contact you – when something disturbing happens, the system notify you about it, eg. via SMS.

Example screens of remote control applications:

GIRA HomeServer - iPhone    GIRA HomeServer - iPad

Hager Domovea - iPad    Hager Domovea - iPad

Hager Domovea - Android    Hager Domovea - Android

iDomintell    iParadox