Smart house – yesterday and today

Over many years various solutions for automatic control of heating, lighting, ventilation, blinds, control system in swimming pools and saunas or security and monitoring systems was used in buildings. Together they form a complex system and directly determine the comfort, safety and convenience of residents of a modern building.

Unfortunately, mostly these devices were controlled independently of each other and could not communicate together. Often these devices performed conflicting tasks. In example in a sunny, hot day the air conditioning was working at full efficiency, but the shutter control system allowed them to raise and additional heating of the interior. On a cool autumn day, automatic temperature control system unnecessarily heat the room, even though someone opened a window to ventilate it.

Such situations are a thing of the past. Now is possible to connect all devices and systems in a one truly intelligent installation – a perfectly functioning „nervous system” of a modern building – the KNX / EIB system.