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Building automation

We are the exclusive distributor in Poland of Domintell system, which is an attractive alternative to other more expensive smart installations solutions, while even in the basic configuration, providing a number of features not available in other systems. We are welcome to the official polish Domintell page.
Domintell - oficjalna polska stronaDuring projects implementation we are using devices of European manufacturers, which are reputable and recognized on the market . We cooperate mainly with Berker, Hager, ABB, GIRA, Siemens, MDT and many others.

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We integrate also external systems such as Honeywell, SAUTER, Johnson Controls, Beckhoff and WAGO.

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Electrical appliances

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Security systems:

  • Alarm systems
  • Access control systems
  • Fire alarms systems


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Video surveillance systems (analog, IP)

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Sound systems

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